Functional Imperative

Evolving Beyond the A.P.E

Through targeted assessment, strategic planning, and open execution the dynamic personalities of FI deliver tactical custom software solutions that enable progressive adaptation to ever increasing technical demands.

Targeted Assessment

Often ideas sprout and are put to action before a real goal is ever defined. Without goal definition a lot of valuable resources can be lost before ever moving beyond the planning stage of software development.

Through targeted assessment FI helps you start off on the right foot and prepare for a well defined scope that moves beyond prehistoric planning methodologies.

Strategic Planning

It goes without saying that a project needs to go through a rigorous planning phase, but planning does not mean simply putting together the pieces and resources and then moving forward.

Strategy in the planning phase is a mandatory element to the successful execution of any project. Understanding a technical project fully from all angles and how it works toward the fulfillment of your goals is the key to moving your project beyond the likelihood of extinction.

Open Execution

We believe keeping a fluid discussion with our clients for the duration of a project is not only important, but mandatory for the fulfillment of any goal intended to be backed by successful softwre programming. Through the use of full-stack software technologies and an open dialogue the Functional Imperative team engineers adaptive software making your business relevant to the new web.

Continuous Evolution

We believe people and software should always be growing through progressive adaptation and this doesn’t stop at the completion of a project. Technical adaptation through repeated iterations is the key to survival. A project can always be made better and kinks are inevitable. Our process is designed to allow for an early launch while maintaining effective risk management and continuous improvement.