Aileen Schultz
Director of Marketing and Communications

Aileen Schultz is in love with the web and its workings. This love affair began after completing a degree in Philosophy and Criminology that she applied to a brief research stint surrounding the topic of human trafficking into and throughout Canada. During this stint she had the opportunity to realize that some obvious avenues toward certain goals, may not actually be the right or even the successful direction.

With the realization that there are several avenues toward several goals, she asked herself what makes the most sense right now - for her, writing was the answer. She began writing for the web and that quickly grew into a full blown obsession with how the web works and the possibilities it holds for accomplishing her own goals as well as those of others. This realization fueled her interest in digital marketing. After having run her own practice and working with several SMB’s across the globe, and across several sectors, this interest has now brought her to her current position with Functional Imperative.

At Functional Imperative she takes care of everything digi-marketing, as well as communications, events, and several things in-between.